Monday, March 24, 2008

The Cart Whisperer

You may have heard of the Horse Whisperer, the Ghost Whisperer, or the Dog Whisperer, but I'm guessing you probably haven't heard of the Cart Whisperer. Well my loyal readers, meet Liberty Fillmore, Cart Whisperer. This hunk has devoted his life to "letting shopping carts know they're not alone." So who in the world could be behind this? A shopping cart manufacturer? Think again. This wacky campaign is actually backed by VeriSign, a company that operates a wide variety of network infrastructure. The purpose of this campaign, according to Tim Callahan, a VeriSign product marketing executive, is "aimed at highlighting the cost of abandoned shopping carts and encouraging action to solve this problem."

The website for the campaign is hilarious. It features three different videos showing Liberty rescuing carts. He takes his job very seriously. The videos mainly work just because they are so FUNNY! The site also features photo albums, poems, a bio, and downloads. One very cool feature of this website is an ongoing contest that it has. Every day there is an animated cart that is hidden in a different part of the site. If you find the cart and click on it, you are then entered to win a prize. This website works because the content is very humorous and engages the user. I myself found one of the carts on the site and I'm very proud of my official certificate. Check it out below! Kudos to VeriSign, you have me interested in a campaign for a company that I would never usually take notice of.

To view the whole post from Tim Callahan, click here.

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